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Rent a Car From Europcar Abu Dhabi

A car rental in Abu Dhabi from Europcar can get you started on your trip in style. Choose a luxury or economy vehicle for a business conference. You might even choose an SUV for a family reunion, or a minivan for bringing supplies to a festival. Europcar also has a variety of great car rental deals to help you save money. Read on for more information about the best car rental deals in Abu Dhabi.

Drivers 21 and younger must pay the young driver’s fee when renting a car. The cost is typically included in the rental price, but you may want to ask for it if you are traveling with minors. You can also add an extra driver with similar age restrictions. In order to drive a Europcar car rental in Abu Dhabi – Intl Airport, you must be at least 25 years of age.

To rent a car at Europcar in Abu Dhabi, you can go to the airport parking lot. Just follow the airport guide to the car rental store. You must bring a valid driving license with you and any additional drivers. The license should be valid for at least one or two years, and have no major endorsements. A valid GCC Driving Licence is also required for GCC Nationals. Please make sure to bring the license with you when you rent a car from Europcar Abu Dhabi Airport.

When you rent a car from Europcar in Abu Dhabi – Intl Airport, you can choose from a variety of car models for a cheap price. Intl Airport customers are most likely to rent an Economy or Compact car, while those visiting from the AUH can opt for an Exotic vehicle. The price for renting a car will vary depending on the category you choose, and seasonal prices.

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