Camera Settings For Jewelry Photography

Before you begin shooting, you should review the basic rules of light and how to use various lighting techniques for jewelry photography. The most challenging jewelry to photograph is the necklace, but stud earrings are relatively easy to take care of. For each pair, make sure to take a separate shot. Once you’ve captured the ideal lighting for each jewelry type, you can use different camera settings to capture the same object in a different way. The final step is to make sure all of your equipment is in place, including a gray card.

One of the most important camera settings for jewelry photography is F11. When taking pictures of jewelry, it’s best to keep the F-number low, around F11. This allows for the most clarity and definition for the product. Ideally, you should shoot at a distance of one to two feet. A DSLR with an F11 setting works well for this. If you have a budget-priced camera, you can choose F11 or F18. However, if you’re shooting from a budget-friendly camera, you can use F11. You can also use the Unsharp Mask feature in your camera to enhance the sharpness of your images.

One of the most important jewelry photography tips is to purchase a quality camera. While a smartphone may be capable of capturing great shots, a DSLR offers more options and automatic focusing. In general, point and shoot cameras are more affordable than DSLRs. A DSLR will give you more options and will be much easier to use when shooting jewelry. A good camera will make your job easier and result in a better-quality final product.

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