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An Overview of Overhead Gantry Cranes

Whether you are building a construction site, a warehouse, or are in the business of moving heavy items, an overhead gantry crane can do the job. Often referred to as a gantry crane, this device is the most versatile type of industrial crane. It has the power to lift massive loads, from automobile engines to huge steel beams. A small shop crane can be used for the same task. For a smaller, more portable solution, an overhead gantry crane can be used to lift a single automobile engine.

Overhead gantry cranes are capable of lifting two tons of steel or up to 2,000 pounds. Unlike traditional cranes, they are movable, with wheels on the end of each arm. These specialised machines are ideal for lifting materials and offer an affordable and effective solution to the problem. Additionally, they are also a cost-effective alternative to building permanent structures. To learn more about overhead gantry cranes, read on!

An overhead gantry crane must be installed in a clear area where it can lift and lower cargo. A clear path must be provided for the spreader and the vehicle to pass through. A minimum of 0.7m between the gantry and the transport vehicle is necessary. During construction, the gantry must be suspended by a bridge crane system or a free standing column. An overhead crane is usually shipped as a complete set.

Overhead gantry cranes come in many shapes and sizes, and each can bring significant benefits to facilities. Whether you’re looking for a portable gantry or a rail-mounted double leg gantry, there is a gantry crane that can meet your needs. Automated controls, low maintenance, and flexible operation make overhead gantry cranes the ideal solution for any industrial or manufacturing facility.

Another type of overhead gantry crane is called a jib crane. Jib cranes have a boom that extends over the project area. A trolley runs inside and out of the boom to move the load. The freestanding version of a jib crane has its own support column and can rotate 360°. The jib crane is a popular choice in construction sites and warehouses because it can be used on almost any surface.

When operating an overhead gantry crane, operators should be aware of the hazards and risks associated with using it. Incorrectly rigged or balanced loads can cause significant hazards for operators. Using the proper gear, sling angles, and preventing the sling from being damaged are vital factors for safe operation. In addition, a crane operator should avoid distractions when operating an overhead gantry crane. If he or she is distracted or in a hurry, they could result in a mishap.

Another common application for an overhead gantry crane is in the shipping industry. Often, this equipment is necessary for moving large amounts of cargo between ports and docks. Using a gantry crane to move goods is particularly convenient in this situation. Additionally, the gantry crane can be used to move items between loading bays and rail yards. For a port, the heavy duty gantry – with double girder beams – is the perfect tool for this job.

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